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>> bob: it's wonderful that people do this who watch the show. >> greg: it's nice, bob. that is it for "the five." thank you for watching. >> bret: fallout from michigan and arizona. possible stumble. look forward to 11 contests in six days. this is "special report." ♪ ♪ >> bret: good evening. i'm bret baier. mitt romney held serve on his home court in michigan and swept through arizona in two crucial primary wins tuesday. now romney and the three g.o.p. challengers focus on washington state saturday and super tuesday next week. we begin the coverage with chief political correspondent carl cameron in ohio. >> with a slim 3.2-point win
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in michigan, mitt romney arrived in ohio, the crucial test six days from now on super tuesday. 11 states will hold contests. >> a big night last night for me. i was pleased. good news. >> michigan's 30 delegates up in the air but will be shared. >> we had a better night than reported we ran dead even in michigan. the really important part, delegates. that is what this is about. we are going to walk out of michigan with 16 delegates. he is going to walk out of michigan with 16 delegates. [ applause ] >> michigan g.o.p. officials not yet a gaited all the delegates. to date, romney has 165 overall. rick santorum, 85. gingrich, 32. ron paul, 19. it takes 1144 to win. super tuesday offers 166, the biggest day yet -- 466. the biggest day yet. romney spent $3.5 million.
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3-1/2 times what santorum and gingrich and the super pacs backing them spent. romney's favored in virginia where both santorum and gingrich failed to get on the ballot. in home state of massachusetts and vermont romney is likely to coast. for newt gingrich, georgia is a must win. he began his political career there and it has the biggest purse. >> we are going to win the georgia primary. and win it decisively. >> santorum needs a win in ohio. the quintessential bellwether swing state but he failed to qualify for delegates in three congressional districts and plans to emphasize economy and roots in next door pennsylvania. he is running strong in tennessee, oklahoma, north dakota and iowa. ron paul was grueling the federal reserve chairman in d d.c. and goes to washington state caucuses saturday and attacks all three rivals. >> one is serial hypocrite. >> romney asked by a reporter today if he supports the blunt
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amendment in congress to allow employers and i surers to deny health coverage they find morally objectionable. romney told them he does not support the measure. in moments aides were saying he was confused by the question and may have misspoken but for the record, romney does support the amendment which would allow employers and insurance company to deny coverage they time morally objectionable. no confusion there. >> bret: carl cameron on the road. thank you. the president supporters say his foreign policy credentials could get a major upgrade if announced deal with north korea holds up. but critics say it's a big if. chief white house correspondent ed henry looks whether the agreement is hope or hype. >> officials close to secretary of state hillary clinton are calling this leadgate deal. the question is whether the breakthrough is a leap of faith. >> today's announcement represents a modest first step in the right direction.
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we, of course, will be watching closely. >> the secretary admitted she has profound concerns will the dictator kim jung un and military brass who are likely really in control will follow through on the moratorium on long-range missile launchs, a halt to nuclear test and activities. an agreement to allow iaea inspectors back in. significant since they may already have fuel for up to eight nuclear weapons. >> we have been down the road with north koreans several times now in terms of stoppag stoppages, verification. proof is in the pudding. >> we have been down this road before. communist nation repeatedly agreeing to stop the nuclear program to renege. while it may be a good signal, kim jung un is willing to engage, rather than saber rattle months after the death of his father kim jong il.
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a former bush administration official says it's likely he can deliver. >> i don't think he can convince them to give up the weaponry. karl marx said history repeats itself. it's doing that now. >> a recent unicef study found whopping 80% of children in north korea are malnourished. part of the deal the u.s. is putting 240,000 tons of food aid. jon kyl blasted the white house for, this noting it's breaking a promise to not provide such incentives in exchange for what he called dubious commitments of cooperation. kyl adding, "i am deeply disappointed but not surprised by the aboutface. this is par for the course for administration with record of misleading congress and disregarding u.s. national security. while u.s. officials say north korea insisted the food aid be included one of many questions hanging over the field. including will the six party talk get resumed to find out whether or not the nuclear program will really get this
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handled. >> bret: thank you. stocks took a tumble today. the dow lost 53. the s&p 500 fell 6-1/2. the nasdaq dropped 20. gasoline went up a penny-and-a-half overnight. the national average is now $3.73 a gallon. coin settled over $107 a barrel. gasoline prices aren't the only thing going up in washington. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel. >> leading republicans continueed their blitz, blaming president obama's policy for the soaring prices at the pump. >> they seem determined to undertake policies that will drive up the cost of oil. and gasoline. because of their hope we will somehow live a world where only win turbine and solar panels are necessary. >> yesterday the energy secretary was on the hot seat
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when mississippi congressman asked if the department of energy is actively trying to lower fuel costs. >> the overall goal to get the price -- >> no, the overall goal is to decrease your dependency on oil. to build and strengthen our economy and decrease dependency on oil. >> he irritated republicans when he told the "wall street journal" in 2008, "somehow we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to levels in europe." the argument being if americans are forced to pay $8 or more for gallon it would wean the country off the fossil fuels. that lockic leaves republicans scratching their head. >> when you are doubling, literally doubling the price for gallon how does it strengthen your economy? >> after a white house lunch with the president, speaker boehner said he raised familiar energy issue. >> i did press the president on the keystone pipeline. the president said well, you are going to get part of it. i wish we were getting a part that would deliver the oil out of canada and north dakota.
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>> some democrats argue the answer is increasing supply by releasing the strategic petroleum reserve. >> if it's strategic reserve i don't know what it's used for. we are unlikely to have a nuclear war with the soviet union. >> the old ussr is gone but there is pretty serious concern about the possibility of conflict with iran in the middle east. regime has threatened to close the strait of hormuz, which analysts say could cause fuel prices to jump 50% within day days. >> bret: thank you. mortgage giant fannie mae said it lost $2.5 billion in the time quarter of last year. it's asking taxpayers for $4.5 billion to help cover the deficit. americans have already paid more than $150 billion to prop up fannie and fellow lender freddie. federal reserve chairman ben bernanke says he will stick with the plan to hold interest rate at record low levels until late 2014.
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bernanke told lawmakers today he does not expect unemployment to continue falling as fast as it has so far this year. next up, rick santorum's tactics in michigan. which brings us to tonight's infinity sponsored text to vote question. is courting democrats in an open republican primary good or bad politics? text sr1 to 36288 for good politics. text sr2 for bad politics. we'll bring you the results at the end of tonight's show. ok, guys-- what's next ?
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>> bret: we told you at the top of the program mitt romney hung on for a close win this the native state of michigan. crucial win for the romney campaign. part of the reason rick
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santorum was able to challenge romney and many of the congressional districts was santorum's courting of democrats and independents. chief washington correspondent james rosen looks at whether going outside the g.o.p. was fair play. or dirty politics. >> i'm glad that democrats showed up on the poll. >> in an interview with fox news, mike tobin in grand rammeds, rick santorum welcomed support of, quote/unquote, reagan democrats driven by family values and blue collar issues. nearly 1 million people voted in michigan. 9% called themselves democrat. of these, santorum won 53%. roughly three times mitt romney's share. among those who call themselves liberal or somewhat liberal santorum won by 11 points. among those who strongly oppose the tea party. santorum somehow crushed romney 45 to 29%. although the former pennsylvania senator made opposition to abortion a signature issue he carried 24%
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of voters who said abortion should be legal in all or most cases. these clearly are not reagan democrats. the romney campaign responded with a web video speculating that organized labor and the obama re-election team worked behind the scenes to undermine romney's success in michigan. others saw a similar effort though no one could produce proof of an effort. strange exit polling data led some campaign veterans to recall the dirty trick that richard nixon's committee to re-elect the president played on democratic senator ed musky in 1972. >> for 40 years no incumbent in the party attempted to influence the nomination of their opponent. tonight for the first time in polling we can see the evidence that there was a concerted effort paid off. >> to be sure, president obama visited michigan in late january and his campaign aides have targeted romney. with disparaging e-mails blasted out after his win in nevada for example. aides to santorum bristleed at the suggestion their man
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benefited from the mischief making democrats. and if voters were factored out, michigan would have won michigan by 6 to 8 points -- romney would have bonn michigan by 68 points. >> it possible there are democrats that just don't like romney? absolutely. as far as i am not aware of any evidence or an dotal evidence of the democrats, labor union or anybody else, they are not exactly going to pick up the phone and call me, are they? >> as for the own efforts to lure michigan democrats to the polls, robo call operation, the santorum campaign told me it only targeted conservative leaning democrats who voted in the past g.o.p. primaries and they only spent a couple of thousand dollars in the process. in washington, james rosen, fox news. >> newt gingrich did not compete in arizona or michigan. he is putting in a great deal of time in the state. he was the congressman for georgia. senior national correspondent john roberts tells us gingrich has work to do.
3:16 pm
>> georgia is a hotbed of conservatism and gathering place for undecided voters. >> i change midmind five times already. >> patty and rick are undecided. they lived here 25 years, voted for newt gingrich in the past and say this time around they just can't. >> i really wanted newt at first. but some of the negative things have pulled him out of it. >> i have always been very proud of him. but the personal issues really come to heart. i struggle with that. >> gingrich's survival as candidate depends on the southern strategy. he has powerful help in the state. >> he has to do what he does best. that is to show that he first of all, can engage the president in a meaningful debate setting. somebody that has the right idea. leadership and electability are important qualities for voters where unemployment is
3:17 pm
10%. home prices are in the tanks. foreclosure rates are fourth worst in the nation. >> jim miller has been looking at mitt romney. the volatile till of the race has him second guessing himself. >> romney hasn't been able to close the deal. he may and then i will get behind him. until then i'm probably going to wait and see. >> romney's georgia campaign chair is the state attorney general sam olins. he admits gingrich has the inside track at the moment but sees sign of weakness. >> the fact he is having to campaign in his old home state, rather than the other state super tuesday, each day that speaker gingrich is in georgia is a bad day for him in the other states. >> rhonda taylor who counts herself as a big fan of newt gave us a glimpse in to her thinking. >> it will be between romney and santorum. probably leaning more toward
3:18 pm
santorum. >> for all the talk of the southern strategy, including georgia, oklahoma and tennessee, the only super tuesday state where gingrich leads in the polls is in georgia. a win would no doubt be very good for him. he is going to need more than one win if he hopes to stay viable. >> he represented georgia and lives in georgia. not on the ballot in virginia. thank you. at least nine people were killed as powerful storm season rolled across the plains and midwest this morning. at least six of those were in harrisberg, illinois. the national weather service reports 16 tornado sightings in five states. still ahead, update on afghanistan from the american ambassador and the top commander of the u.s. and nato troops there. an russia's strong man prepar prepares for return at the presidency. ♪
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>> bret: in world news now, the u.n. humanitarian chief says syria is refusing to allow her in country. meanwhile, this is said to be video shot duce in the dara province inside syria where intense clashes have been reported between the government troops and the arm detectors. there are conflicting reports tonight over whether egypt lifted a travel been a on seven american aid workers in the country. among those affected is sam lahood, son of the u.s. transportation secretary. russian prime minister and presidential candidate vladimir putin is warning his opponents against unsanctioned protests after sunday's election. senior foreign affairs amy kellogg reports from moscow on a vote almost no one considers in doubt.
3:23 pm
>> a pro-putin video shows a young woman asking doctor's advice about the first time. he tells her if she does it out of love everything will be fine. it turns out the first thing in question is voting. she casts her ballot for vladimir putin. the main stream media controlled by the kremlin largely for 12 years portrayed putin as sort of a superhuman leader. >> more enlightened and this isn't -- [ inaudible ] this is so crass and primitive. >> it may be propaganda, but it has resonateed. >> the older and the ladies vote for putin. one reason is he's macho. >> a lot of men put their money on putin, too. >> i consider he is the only one who can run the country. >> he does a lot for the country. >> putin oversaw a period of prosperity.
3:24 pm
>> he came the vast majority. people began to live better and get the pensions on time. paid salaries on time. >> detractors say the massive increase in the price of oil in the last decade is to thank for all of that. at some point, polls began to register concerns about corruption. >> according to one of them, russians think that corruption is one of the main problems in russia. >> eventually a mood of discontent took old as they bristleed under the economic and political restrictions. >> many people here said the move turned in a movement, the moment that medvedev announced he would not seek a second term in the kremlin and putin would run again for president. >> many russians felt humiliated about the choice not being theirs. finally after fraud was uncovered in recent parliamentary elections people took to the street by tens of thousand. the government blamed the united states for stirring protest in russia. on the one hand, you have loud
3:25 pm
echoes of the cold war. but on the other, there is a real sense of political awakening. in moscow. amy kellogg, fox news. >> bret: the grapevine is next. don't forget, tonight's infinity sponsored text to vote question. is courting democrats in an open republican primary good or bad politics in text sr1 to 36288 for good politics. text sr2 for bad politics. results later. wake up! that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm. for half the calories plus veggie nutrition. could've had a v8.
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fresh pickings from the political grapevine. iran's foreign minister is condemning the destruction of muslim religious material by u.s. troops in afghanistan, praising iran's human rights record. he called the quran burning deplorable. and afros violation of human rights. he boasted iran has the best human rights record in the muslim world. he failed to mention the crackdown on dissent inside iran or the christian pastor who received a death sentence after being charged with apostacy among other alleged crimes. director general of the bbc admits christianity is treated with less sensitivity than other religions because he said it's pretty broad shouldered. mark thompson says tv producers have to consider violent threats if they pursue
3:30 pm
certain type of satire aimed at ethnic minorities and concedes comedy about prophet muhammad would never be aired because it could have the same emotional force as grotesque child pornography. and finally, roxborough said he did not refer bill to committee calling for tracks beak for mustache wearer. tuesday, we told you the american mustache institute claimed it had happened. we asked bartlett's office about it and receive nod word back and today we were told the press secretary sent increase without her boss' knowledge or permission. afghanistan has reemerged as a top news story and campaign issue. the past week following the destruction of muslim religious materials by u.s. troops. earlier today, i talked with ambassador ryan crocker and the top u.s. commander on the ground. general john allen about what is going on. >> general allen and investo cr,
3:31 pm
thank you for joining us. first to you, is there a lack of trust now between the afghan national force and the u.s. military in the wake of this incident? >> no, i don't think so. in fact, i know so. during the recent difficulty. the demonstrations that turn violent the afghan national security forces at great risk. both defended the afghan people. but they also defended international forces. international civilians, they have come a long way. there have been occasions where elements in the afghan national art or the ministry of anterior recently have turned on our forces. every one of those is a tragedy. none should be minimized. what we have done in
3:32 pm
cooperation with the afghan partners is take series of assertive steps to reduce the possibility of this to the maximum extent we can. we have trust and confidence and we have to be careful if time to time but we will continue to maintain the relationship through sense time as you describe it. we will come out and be stronger for it. >> bret: is there anything that those who burned the quran or religious material broke military rules? >> all the actions are unders have so it's premature for me to speculate on the specifics of the act. we're investigating thoroughly. >> bret: as you know, afghan president hamid karzai call for those responsible for mistreatment of the quran to be put on public trial in afghanistan. if there was punishment it would be under the military
3:33 pm
code of justice, right? not afghan public trial. >> we'll impose u.s. law. that is correct. >> bret: ambassador corrector, the u.s. apologized in numerous ways, numerous times. for this incident. has there been communication the other way from karzai apologizing for the killing of the u.s. military personnel. >> they did apology, the minister of senior and defense. they expressed condolences for the incident. >> bret: when hamid karzai called for public trial for those responsible for mistreatment of the religious material did it raise eyebrows in the embassy if there are to be proceedings? >> if there are proceedings there will be u.s. proceedings. i don't think there is any
3:34 pm
question or doubt on part of the afghan government that is how it's going to go. >> general, are you reassessing the speed at which you withdrawal from afghanistan in wake of the quran incident? >> i'm not. it's part of a long range campaign plan. we are undertaking the second phase and orders by the president to withdrawal 33,000 troops to recover the surge. that is underway. >> as it exists, it is 2014 the public date. although we heard from the defense secretary panetta at the end of 2013 could be end of combat operations. if that date is moved up, if troops from the administration point of view are pulled out of there, would that be disappointing to you before the 2014 date? >> let me make sure we're clear. secretary panetta was very
3:35 pm
clear. that while in 2013, we anticipate that the afghan national security forces will move in to the lead for the purposes of conducting this counterinsurgency campaign. isap forces will be in a support role. we fully anticipate that there will be combat operations continuing. the enemy gets a vote. >> in the wake of the killings, after the incident, what is the morale of u.s. troops, general? >> morale is good. we remain dedicated to the mission. campaign is on track. the ansf are on track. we are being successful in this campaign. that success will buy the time for maturation, the improvement of system of governance of this country. all americans regardless of the political discussion in the united states, all
3:36 pm
americans should be proud of sacrifices and capabilities and fighting skills of their sons and daughters serving so well out here in afghanistan. >> we made substantial progress but the job isn't done. i hope that the american people have strategic patience to sigh this through and ensure we never see the attacks from afghan soil. >> bret: general allen andm bass dore crocker, thank you for your time. >> thank you. come visit any time. >> we look forward to seeing you here. >> thank the gentlemen. president obama said in a short time ago with an interview with abc news his formal appall to afghan president hamid karzai for the burning of those qurans but the u.s. troops "calmed things down." we will talk about tuesday primary result and super tuesday ahead when the fox all-stars join me after a quick break.
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arizona and michigan right next door, and interestingly the people who said that the economy and jobs were the number one issue. they voted for me overwhelmingly. >> look at the state. outside of this whole county, we actually ran dead even in the state of michigan. we actually won half the congressional hat-tricks. we're going to walk out of michigan, with 15 delegates. he walks out with michigan with 15 delegates. >> i believe with help of my many friends here, we'll win the georgia primarily a win decisively. >> they keep asking about winning particular states in this campaign. guess what? we are still winning a lot of delegates. that's what counts. >> very happy out there on the trail. ron paul is. >> mitt romney, human wins last night in arizona and michigan. big delegate grab in arizona
3:41 pm
of 29 delegates. there you see the delegates needed. 1144. allocated so far. 307. there you see what is left. then you have the delicate count. this is the a.p., how they put it all together. romney at 167. santorum, 87. gingrich, 32. paul 19. you heard santorum talking about the delegates in michigan. they hadn't been apportioned yet but it is going to be close. mitt romney tid win by 3.2% of the vote in native michigan. but delegate tote will be close there. still, momentum of romney last night. the panel, jonah goldberg from national review online. a.b. stoddard from the hill. syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. jonah, now looking forward, we've got washington state on saturday. and then super tuesday coming up. what about this race and where we stand? >> i think going forward, the path for romney is clearer than it's been in a while.
3:42 pm
but at the same time, not t he l take fire the entire way. i think his victory over michigan was huge -- the victory in michigan was huge. insofar if he lost it would have been disastrous. not a big a deal on the positive side he won. hammer and tongs in ohio where the media and candidates will set up a significant contest. romney is the only one you can see the path to the nomination. it doesn't mean it's easy for him. >> bret: a.b., he seemed relieved last night and on the stump today anecdotally from the reporters covering him looser. >> yeah. >> bret: the romney campaign has a spring in their step. >> that's because when you cheat death, there is a rush of relief. as for people who were nervous about him losing michigan, they're not so happy with the
3:43 pm
three-point win. in the backyard. if you look at the exit polling the kind of voters who resist romney in michigan after he has been running there for six years. son of a popular governor and everything. the voters will vote against him again in ohio and other places. that doesn't mean he won't be the nominee but santorum and ron paul, sidekick and gingrich costing him time and money and momentum. calling to question the heretofore formidable advantage in the field. does he have the strength as candidate and cam pape strength for long haul? that is a question they're still asking. >> the text to vote question the with the democrats in michigan. the santorum campaign effort to go after them.
3:44 pm
9% said they were democrats. we asked the santorum senior advisor on a conference call today. take a listen. >> i have no knowledge of them doing that. i know romney got significant democrat votes as well if you look at the exit poll. is it possible that there are democrats who are liberally democrats that do not like mitt romney? absolutely. that wouldn't surprise me in the least. but there are a lot of conservative democrats who don't like mitt romney. i am not aware of evidence or anecdotal evidence of the democrats, labor union or anybody else, they are not exactly going to pick up the phone and call me, are they? >> bret: what about this, charles? >> romney calls it a differenty trick. robo calls the day before the election from the santorum campaign to encourage democrats to vote.
3:45 pm
dirty trick. it's a trick. if the primary is open to the other side, why not? you are allowed to bring in the other side. interesting result, as you said it comes from the exit polls. you find among those who voted, strongly support the tea party, santorum has a lead and is up by 10 points. of those who oppose the tea party, santorum is again up by 16 points. is jon huntsman won half of the democrats, you would say it's reasonable. he's a moderate. santorum sant moderate. he ran as conservative in the field and what he got was the democrats that did mischief and went in the ballot presumably to hurt romney. play with the process. not a dirty trick but
3:46 pm
interesting, unusual result. it did inflate santorum numbers by up to 5%. perhaps 3% or so. a narrow defeat would have been slightly widerred that it not happen. >> bret: map of delegates on the table, 460 plus in super tuesday. you have a delegate map happening now. gingrich is still in there, too. ron paul hunting for delegat delegates. feng geng doing a southern strategy, although not in the home state of virginia ballot. neither is santorum. which is interesting. >> as you discussed last night the difference between neighbor state and home state. >> bret: trust me. i got it. >> gingrich will fight and do well in georgia. but no one is contesting him there. you can see a scenario that someone is opened to the idea of brokered convention or
3:47 pm
whatever. you can see how romney can get to convention shy of 1144. if you are in that situation, why wouldn't you just pick rick santorum as the vice president? seal the deal up, unite the party -- >> or ron paul. >> it would be awesome if superman could fight the hulk. it's all possible in open convention. romney to get to the convention shy. a lot of options for him. >> bret: up next, can u.s. strike a deal with north korea over nuclear weapons? stay here. how can you get back pain relief that lasts up to 16 hours? with thermacare heatwraps. thermacare works differently. it's the only wrap with patented heat cells
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north korea agreed to implement a moratorium on long range missile launchs, nuclear test and nuclear activities including uranium enrichment activities. today's announcement represents a modest first step in the right direction. >> i don't think he can convince the generals to give up the weaponry. karl marx says history repeats itself. it's doing that now. >> bret: officials in the obama administration are calling this the leap day deal. with north korea where 240,000-tons of food aid are put on the table for north koreans. republicans senator jon kyl is pushing back hard saying the white house is breaking a promise not to provide the insensitives in exchange for what he calls dubious commitments. "i'm deeply disappointed but not surprised by the
3:52 pm
aboutface. it's par for the course for an administration that has a demonstrated record of misleading congress and disregarding u.s. national security." this of course north korean dictator kim jung un who took over for kim jong il. back with the panel. charles? >> leap day deal, it's a fool's deal. on two counts. number one, we know they are going to cheat. every time we had an agreement with them going back to framework agreement. we provide real stuff, three-quarter of a ton of badly needed food which the regime needs to survive. we give them real stuff and they give false promises over two decades. they set up violations in advance. they said today they will only carry out the agreement as long as talks proceed fruitfully. so at any time they can stand
3:53 pm
up and walk out and say we're obstructing and break agreements. the second part is worse. even if they adhere to the agreements this is completely useless. all this does is stop uraniumen richment. they have plutonium program. that's untouch and that is the program that produced the nukes that the north koreans have today. it precedeed this and there is no change at all. this is a nice soothing headline for administration in an election year. >> bret: unicef says 80% of the kids in north korea are malnourished and the food aid is necessary. but the deals we have done them before. >> the white house is in the corner trying to explain how this is not a quid pro quo, and we have a policy of not negotiating armament for food cooperation on disarmament for
3:54 pm
food but it happens to be that this is humanitarian need. they are responding to it. as senator kyl points out it is an exchange. it breaks with the policy. no matter how much they try to put it in different work that is what they're doing. as charles points out north koreans not only give themselveses a caveat in statement and only made promises of sort of a sliver of the nuclear operation, but they can at any time receive food and walk away. >> bret: the thing we don't know is the relationship between the new leader kim jong un and military leaders in north korea. and what it looks like. we don't know much. >> it's strange credulity to thing the boy-nerd king, 28 years old is going to stand up to generals who put him in po power. more likely this is the same thing we hear for 20 years where they sell the same bill of goods and we keep buying
3:55 pm
it. north korea is a moral horror. 100 years from now the civilized world will look back at how we tolerated what goes on there far too long. it'd rather have no deal on this. it is a farce. just do berlin style air lift. drop food in. when we give them food they just give it to military and elite and let the people starve. outrageous we perpetuate it. >> this is an election year gimmick. i don't think it advantages anything. we're not testing the new leader. jonah is right. he is not in control. it's the generals. if you are a general why wouldn't you accept food you need to prop up the regime? offer essentially nothing. >> bret: that is it for the panel. stay tuned for unique sounds from the campaign trail. ♪ [ male announcer ] how could a luminous protein in jellyfish,
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>> bret: it's now time to reveal our infinity-sponsored text to vote results. we asked you is courting democrats in an open republic primary good or bad politics? 19% of you said it is good politics. 81% of you said bad politics. so much for that, charles. thanks for your votes tonight. we had more than 8,000 of them. finally tonight musicians on the campaign trail, they are nothing new but sometimes the candidates' taste in music varies widely. >> all eyes on michigan. one of two states holding g.o.p. primaries today that could set the campaign to come. mitt romney held a rally last night with his former rocker kid rock. not to be outdone rick santorum also entertained his supporters with one of his favorite bands ♪ go tell it on the mountain ♪ over the hills ♪

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